Autumn 5775 Weekday Schedule


Sunday    8:00 am

Monday / Thursday 6:50 am

Tues. Wed. Fri    7:00 am

Class & Breakfast following prayers


Sunday Minha & Arbit   4:15 pm

All minyanim will be B”H in the Jemal Building

Lech - Lecha

How Jerusalem Got Its Name ….

Most people do not know how Jerusalem got its name. The Midrash on this week’s parsha tells us that Malki Tzedek, the king of Shalem, who greeted Avraham after the first “world war” with bread and wine, was none other than Shem, the son of Noach.  After the Flood, Shem was given the city ofYerushalayimby his father, and was granted kingship and priesthood, also inheriting the clothes of the Kohen Gadol. (Only a kohen can bring a sacrifice, and then the   Read More

Deal, NJ Shabbat

Services Schedule:

Erev Shabbat - Friday - October 31st


Minha / Kabbalat Shabbat    5:36 pm

Candelighting         5:36 pm

Shabbat - Saturday - November 1st


Shaharit         8:30 am

Rabbi’s Class       4:15 pm

Minha & Seuda Shelisheet     5:15 pm

Arbit       6:15 pm

Shabbat Ends………………….6:35 pm


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Candle Lighting

Friday, October 31st

Deal, NJ   5:36 pm

Brooklyn, NJ   5:35 pm

Miami, FL   6:22 pm

75 Hathaway Avenue

Deal, NJ 07723