Autumn 5775 Weekday Schedule


Sunday    8:00 am

Monday / Thursday 6:50 am

Tues. Wed. Fri    7:00 am

Class & Breakfast following prayers


Daily Minha & Arbit   5:30 pm

All minyanim will be B”H in the Jemal Building


The decisions we make ….

Imagine for a minute that you were Noach. You are 600 years old. You are asked by G-d to build an Ark. Not just to “tell” the people of the world that their end is coming near and that G-d is finished with them. You are expected by G-d to build an ark, a big “thing” in middle of town, just to remind people every day, all day, that G-d hates the way that they live and they are expected to change, “or else”. The whole world is against you. You were asked by G-d to gather all the     Read More

Deal, NJ Shabbat

Services Schedule:

Erev Shabbat - Friday - October 24th


Minha / Kabbalat Shabbat    5:46 pm

Candelighting         5:46 pm

Shabbat - Saturday - October 25th


Shaharit         8:30 am

Rabbi’s Class       4:20 pm

Minha & Seuda Shelisheet     5:25 pm

Arbit       6:25 pm

Shabbat Ends………………….6:45 pm


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Candle Lighting

Friday, October 24th

Deal, NJ   5:46 pm

Brooklyn, NJ   5:45 pm

Miami, FL   6:27 pm

75 Hathaway Avenue

Deal, NJ 07723