Autumn 5775 Weekday Schedule


Sunday    8:00 am

Monday / Thursday 6:50 am

Tues. Wed. Fri    7:00 am

Class & Breakfast following prayers


Sunday Minha & Arbit   4:00 pm

All minyanim will be B”H in the Jemal Building


Absolute Parenting …

S …

Yitzhak was criticized by the sages for not rebuking Eisav enough. The Midrash tells about some other “parenting mistakes”. Avraham did not rebuke Yishmael enough, and King David did not admonish Avshalom, or Adoniah, and that is why they became who they became. On the other hand, Avraham reproved Yitzhak, and Yitzhak reproved Yaakov. That’s why they   Read More

Deal, NJ Shabbat

Services Schedule:

Erev Shabbat - Friday - November 21st


Minha / Kabbalat Shabbat    4:16 pm

Candelighting         4:16 pm

Shabbat - Saturday - November 22nd


Shaharit         8:30 am

Minha & Seuda Shelisheet     4:00 pm

Arbit       5:00 pm

Rabbi’s Class       after Habdalah

Shabbat Ends………………….5:16 pm


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Candle Lighting

Friday, November 21st

Deal, NJ   4:16 pm

Brooklyn, NJ   4:15 pm

Miami, FL   5:12 pm

75 Hathaway Avenue

Deal, NJ 07723