Summer 5774 Weekday Schedule



(Jemal Bldg) 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 am

(Safra Bldg)   9:30 am

Monday & Thursday

(Jemal Bldg) 6:50, 8:00 am

(Safra Bldg)   6:10 am

Tuesday & Wednesday

(Jemal Bldg) 7:00, 8:00 am

(Safra Bldg)   6:20 am

Class & Breakfast following

prayers daily

Daily Minha & Arbit

Sunday - Thursday

(Jemal Bldg) 6:45, 7:15, 7:45 pm


Just one more prayer…

A central theme of our daily prayers is the Final Redemption. Eight Berachot, three times a day, revolve around this subject. Reeh Nah, Teka B'shofar, Hashiva Shoftenu, Laminim Valamalshinim, Al Hatzadikim, Tishkon Betoch, Et Tzemach and Retzeh. We implore G-d for mercy on Jerusalem each time we have a sandwich or doughnut, in the   Read More

Deal, NJ Shabbat

Services Schedule:

Shabbat Evening, August 1st  

Minha / Arbit (Jemal Bldg) 6:30 & 7:30 pm

 Minha /Arbit (Safra Bldg)   6:45 & 7:45 pm

Candelighting   7:59 pm

Shabbat, July 26th

Shahrit (Safra Bldg)  6:20 & 8:00 am

Shahrit (Jemal Bldg)  6:45 am

Father & Son Minyan (Safra Bldg)  8:50 am

Teen Minyan (Jemal Bldg)  9:10 am

Say Shema by 8:30 am

Minha Gedola   1:45 pm

Rabbis’ Classes  5:20 & 6:20 pm

Minha and Seduah Shelisheet   7:20 pm

Arbit     8:30 pm

Shabbat Ends   8:51  pm


Eiruv Hotline (732) 660-1001

Classes Shabbat afternoon  - see schedule

Women’s class by Mrs. Violet Chkoury Monday Mornings at 11:00 am

If you would like to donate a newsletter, kiddush, seuda, or breakfast, please contact the Synagogue office at (732) 517-1155 or email

Laws & Customs of Tish’ah B’Ab

This year, the “week of Tish’ah B’Ab” is from Saturday night, August 4th   until the day of the fast itself.  We don’t take haircuts or shave, even for business purposes. We don’t wash clothing.  We don’t wear freshly laundered clothing (they have to have been worn a little before Saturday night so as to lose their freshness), except for clothing only worn for sweat.

Tish’ah B’Ab begins at 8:06 pm on Monday evening, August 4th. The final meal (se’udat hamafseket) before the fast has some restrictions in that only one cooked food is permitted besides bread, fruits and vegetables; no intoxicating beverages; no zimun is said during Birkat Hamazon; some have the custom of eating the final meal on the floor or on a low stool less than 11 inches tall.

If a person accepts the fast earlier than the appointed time, the acceptance is valid and binding. Therefore, it is suggested that when one finishes eating, one should have in mind that he may still eat or drink until the appointed time. Once the fast starts, one may not eat or drink, nor wear leather shoes or leather sneakers; no washing any part of the body at all, except to remove dirt; no anointing with cream or perfume, except for medical reasons (deodorant is allowed); no marital relations; greeting one another is forbidden; engaging in any activity which may distract one’s mind from mourning is prohibited. Even going to work should be avoided, at least until mid-day.  Learning Torah is prohibited, except for portions relevant to Tish’ah B’Ab and mourning.

The custom in our shul for wearing tefillin on the morning of Tish’ah B’Ab is to put them on at home only for Shema, and then say the prayers in shul without them. Shaharit is without tefillin,(see minyan schedule) and Kinot and Eichah begin at about 35 minutes after each minyan. As usual, tefillin are worn during minhah.

The fast applies to all adult men and women, the only exception being one   who is ill, or old and weak, who may become ill during the fast.                                                           

Anyone with a question or problem should consult the Rabbi. The fast ends on Tuesday August 5th  at 8:36 pm.

May we merit to see this sad day turn into a

day of happiness and celebration, speedily in our days!

Tisha B’ Ab Schedule 2014


Tisha B’ Ab Eve   -   Monday August 4th

Minha…………………………6:30 pm &.7:00 pm

Fast begins……………….…………..… 8:06 pm

Arbit followed by Kinot…………........8:06 pm

Tisha B’Ab Day   -     Tuesday August 5th


E.J. Safra Syn first miyan..….…….......5:45 am

J.S. Jemal Syn second minyan ........…6:30 am

E.J. Safra Syn third minyan..……….....8:00 am

J.S. Jemal Syn fourth minyan ....…..…..9:00 am

Video Presentation……….10:00 am &5:00 pm

Minha & Arbit with Teffilin .…………..…7:40 pm

Fast ends……….…….……….……….. 8:36 pm

Video presentation featuring renowned speakers:

Rabbi Jonathan Rietti & Mr Charlie Harary

“Hashem Please Make this Tisha B’Ab the Last!”

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