Winter 5774 Weekday Schedule


Sunday 8:00 am

Monday & Thursday  6:50am

Tues., Wed., Fri  7:00 am

Class & Breakfast following

prayers daily


Sunday Only    7:15 pm

Passover (Pesach)

Important Passover Downloads

Rice: The staple of the Sephardic Passover diet is Rice. It is the #1 question.   JSOR Guide to Checking Rice

The JSOR Sephardic Passover Guide for 2014 along with a special download on preparing rice for Pesach is available now.

Safra Synagogue Passover Newsletter featuring articles, schedules, and guides for the Passover Holiday - both NJ & FLA

Deal, NJ Pesach

Services Schedule:

Shabbat Evening, April 18th  

Minha & Arbit   6:45 pm

Candelighting 7:19 pm

Shabbat Hol Moed, April 19th

Shahrit (Jemal Bldg.)  8:30 am

Rabbi’s Class   6:00 pm

Minha and Seduah Shelisheet   7:00 pm

Shabbat Ends   8:19  pm

Sunday, Hol Moed, April 20th

Candlelighting   7:21 pm

Minha   &   Arbit   6:45 pm

Monday Shebii shel Pesah, April 21st

Special Reading  7:30 am

Shahrit   8:30 am

Minha     7:00 pm

Candle lighting   after 8:21  pm

Tuesday 8th day Pesah, April 22nd

Shahrit    8:30 am

Class       6:25 pm

Minha     7:25 pm / Arbit 8:05pm

Yom Tov Ends   8:22  pm

You may eat sold Hames after 9:00 pm


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Next Year in the Land of Israel COMPLETE PASSOVER SCHEDULE - NJ & FL

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            Candle Lighting

Friday Night -  Apr. 18th

Deal,  NJ -  7:19 pm

Miami, FL -7:27 pm

Sun. & Mon. Night - Apr. 20th /21st

Deal,  NJ- 7:21 pm /after 8:21 pm*

Miami, FL- 7:28pm /after 8:22 pm*


75 Hathaway Avenue

Deal, NJ 07723