Spring 5775 Weekday Schedule for Deal, NJ


Sunday   8:00 am

Monday & Wednesday 6:50 am

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday  7:00 am

Class and Breakfast following prayers

Minha / Arbit daily  6:45 pm


Bamidbar / Shabuot

Our Wedding with HaShem

The Torah refers to the Holiday of Shabuot in two different ways: Shabuot – weeks,  and Atseret – cessation. Interestingly, though, it does not refer to Shabuot in the way that reflects what happened on this day, the giving of the Torah on Har Sinai. This contrasts with the way the Torah refers to Passover and Succot, where the words commemorate the occasion we   ..          Read More

Shabbat  Bamidbar        Friday May 22nd

Shir Hashirim & Minha (Safra)   6:30 pm  & 7:30 pm

Candle Lighting        7:53  pm

Shabbat  May23          Ereb Shabuot

Shahrit  J.S. (Jemal)                 7:00 am

Shahrit E.J. (Safra)                   8:15 am

Rabbi’s Class                            6:30 pm

Minha Gedola                           2:00 pm

Minha then Seuda Shelisheet     7:30 pm

Arbit                                         8:35 pm

Holiday begins Candle lighting   after 8:55pm





Special Shabuot Kiddush

Is generously donated in loving memory of

Jack M. Gindi A”H

A special man who is dearly missed by his family.

By Mrs. Pauline Cohen

Eiruv Hotline (732) 660-1001

If you would like to donate a newsletter, kiddush, seuda, or breakfast, please contact the Synagogue office at (732) 517-1155 or email safrashulnj@gmail.com

Omer Count

Tuesday Evening (5/19) - Day 46

Wednesday Evening (5/20) - Day 47

Thursday Evening (5/21) - Day 48

Friday Evening (5/22) - Day 49

Don’t forget to count the Omer !

Shabuot Laws & Customs 2015

1) This year Shabuot is on Sunday and Monday May 24 & 25, beginning on Saturday night. NO preparations may be done at all on Shabbat for the holiday.

2) All work is forbidden on the holiday, as on Shabbat.  Carrying necessary things and cooking for that day only are permitted.  Taking a fire from an existing flame is permitted, but striking a match is forbidden.  Lowering a flame is forbidden unless the cooking requires a lower flame.  If the stove is electric, turning it on from the 'off' position is prohibited.  Whether or not one may raise or lower the heat on an electric stove depends on the type of unit involved.  CONSULT THE RABBI.

3) All Night Reading - One of the special things we do on this holiday is to stay up the entire first night reading and studying Torah.  This is to show our eagerness to accept the Torah.  In our synagogue, we will have a special Tikun reading beginning Saturday night at 11:00 p.m. followed by stimulating classes.  Everyone is welcome.  There is an elaborate spread to help keep us awake.  An early Shaharit minyan will follow at 4:30 a.m.

4) Azharot - Our community has a beautiful custom to read the 613 Commandments in poetic form, known as the Azharot.  The first and last three paragraphs are read in the shul.

5) The Book of Ruth - Our custom is to read the whole book of Ruth during the two days of Shabuot, and we will discuss it in our class.  It will also be read in the shul.

6) Yehi Shem - No Tahanun is recited beginning Tuesday, May 19th thru Sunday, May 31st .

7) Lighting candles - On both nights of the holiday, two candles should be lit by the woman of the house. Candles for the second night should be lit from an existing flame according to the Shabuot time schedule. The beracha for both nights is Le’hadlik Ner Shel Yom Tob.

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Candle Lighting (DST)  Deal, NJ

Friday May 22nd 7:53 pm

Saturday May 23rd  after 8:55* pm

Sunday May 24th  after 9:00* pm

* light from existing flame



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