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Join us for Selihot every morning! 5:40, 6:00 & 7:15

Shabbat Candle Lighting

Friday, Aug 29th 2015

Deal, NJ - 7:16pm
Brooklyn, NY - 7:16pm
Aventura, FL - 7:25pm


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Summer 5775 Weekday Schedule

  • Selihot
  • Starting Aug. 17th
  • 1st Selihot - 5:40am
  • 2nd Selihot - 6:00am
  • 3rd Selihot - 7:15am

  • Shaharit
  • Sunday
  • 1st Minyan - J.S. Jemal Syn. - 7:00am
  • 2nd Minyan - J.S. Jemal Syn. - 8:00am
  • 3rd Minyan - J.S. Jemal Syn. - 9:00am
  • 4th Minyan - E.J. Safra Syn. - 9:30am

  • Monday & Thursday
  • 1st Minyan - E.J. Safra Syn. - 6:10am
  • 2nd Minyan - J.S. Jemal Syn. - 6:50am
  • 3rd Minyan - J.S. Jemal Syn. - 8:00am
  • 4th Minyan - E.J. Safra Syn. - 9:00am

  • Tues. Wed. & Fri
  • 1st Minyan - E.J. Safra Syn. - 6:20am
  • 2nd Minyan - J.S. Jemal Syn. - 7:00am
  • 3rd Minyan - J.S. Jemal Syn. - 8:00am
  • 4th Minyan - E.J. Safra Syn. - 9:00am
  • Hok L'Yisrael Class & Breakfast following prayers.

  • Minha & Arbit
  • Sunday - Thursday
  • 1st Minyan - J.S. Jemal Syn. - 6:15pm
  • 2nd Minyan - J.S. Jemal Syn. - 6:45pm
  • 3rd Minyan - J.S. Jemal Syn. - 7:15pm
Women’s Class with Mrs. Violet Chkouri – Monday mornings - 11:00 am J.S. Jemal building

Shabbat Ki Tesse - Prayer & Class Schedule

  • Erev Shabbat - Friday - AUG 29th
  • Minha & Arbit
  • 1st Minyan - 6:30pm
  • 2nd Minyan - 6:45pm
  • 3rd Minyan - 7:15pm
  • Candelighting: 7:16pm

  • Shabbat - Saturday - aug 30th
  • Shahrit
  • Early Minyan E.J. Safra Syn. - 6:20am
  • First Minyan J.S. Jemal Syn. - 6:45am
  • Main Minyan E.J. Safra Syn. - 8:00am
  • Youth Minyan E.J. Safra Syn. - 9:00am
  • Teens Minyan J.S. Jemal Syn. - 9:10am
  • Kiddush & Learning after the early morning minyan

  • Minha Gedola - 1:45pm
  • Classes - 5:00pm & 5:40pm
  • Minha - 6:40pm
  • Followed by Seuda Shelisheet in Synagogue

  • Arbit - 8:00pm
  • Shabbat Ends: 8:12pm

Please join us for our inspiring learning program with Rabbi David Ashear, Rabbi Leon Hazan & Rabbi Nathan Escava
Younger children's group with stories & Shabbat morning activities.
And as always our amazing Kids minyan & Girls group Prizes and treats for everyone! Afternoon class as well!

Parasha Ki Tesse

Weigh it Right

“Remember what Amalek did to you” (Debarim 25:17)

The first nation that attacked us was the nation of Amalek. Amalek was especially wicked because they attacked us right after the great miracles of the Exodus from Egypt and the splitting of the Red Sea. Amalek was not impressed by these miracles and attacked us anyway. It is interesting to note that Rashi connects the story of Amalek and the law mentioned previously in the perashah. Just before mentioning Amalek the Torah forbids the Jews to have dishonest scales and measuring utensils to use in business. A Jew that has a false scale is stealing. Rashi says, “If you were untruthful about measures and about weights, be worried about provocation by the enemy.” What is the connection? R’ Moshe Feinstein explains that one who uses dishonest scales denies the presence of Hashem. Ever since Hashem spoke to us at Mount Sinai we are obligated to believe that Hashem will provide us with our livelihood in a permitted manner. If a man believes this he won’t use a dishonest scale.

Using a dishonest scale is not like a person who happened to do an act of thievery. It can happen that a person can be confronted with a test to steal and was unable to withstand the test. That doesn’t make him a person who denies Hashem. However, a person who uses a dishonest scale shows that he is planning to steal and shows that he denies Hashem’s supervision of his affairs. Amalek did not believe Hashem was watching over the Israelites and supervising their affairs. It is now understood why using dishonest scales brings Amalek. One who denies Hashem’s supervision will be confronted by an enemy that denies Hashem’s supervision of Israel.

Shabbat Shalom,
Rabbi Isaac Farhi

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